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TWG High Tea Menu Singapore

The world has changed. It has become more hectic and stressful, but it has also become more exciting and adventurous. We live in a globalized world where cultures have collided, people have mixed and merged together, and the world itself seems to be shrinking.

With all of these changes happening at once, we often look back to simpler times—times when there was less to do and less stress in our lives. That’s why TWG High Tea is such an appealing option for today’s busy women: it gives us an opportunity to slow down our schedules, take a break from the hustle-and-bustle of life, and indulge ourselves with delicious teas.

The TWG High Tea Menu offers a selection of traditional and modern tea blends that are sure to please your palette. The tea menu has been carefully curated by TWG’s Head Blender, who has been in the industry for over 20 years.It offers a wide range of teas, from the more traditional Earl Grey to some lesser-known varieties like Kusmi’s Black Tea with Orange Blossom. 

TWG High Tea Menu Singapore Price List

TWG High Tea is a new concept in the world of high tea. It is unique in that it offers a variety of teas, which you can enjoy in a lively atmosphere with friends or family.

The price list is as follows:

TWG High Tea (White Teas)

Menu ItemsPrice
1837 White TeaS$18.75
Noel Noel TeaS$14.25
White Night Jasmine TeaS$61.50
Ceylon Leopard TeaS$13.75
Gold Yin ZhenS$1029.50
Celebration TeaS$35.50
Yin ZhenS$85.75
Crown Jewel TeaS$35.50
White Earl GreyS$96.00
Imperial Rose TeaS$35.50
White House TeaS$20.25
First Kiss TeaS$35.50
Dragon Gate TeaS$15.25
Emperor’s White Garden TeaS$21.75
Double Happiness TeaS$35.50
Collector’s TeaS$44.50
Pai Mu TanS$14.25
Charlemagne TeaS$18.25
Crystal Water TeaS$21.75
Côte d’Azur TeaS$16.75
Russian Earl GreyS$19.25
White Spring TeaS$91.75
White Christmas TeaS$76.25
Longevity TeaS$49.50
Holiday in Paris TeaS$15.75
Lavender Kiss TeaS$35.50
Jasmine Kiss TeaS$35.50
White DarjeelingS$93.75
King’s TeaS$55.00
White Silk TeaS$14.25
Weekend in Istanbul TeaS$9.00
Full Bloom TeaS$35.50
Snow NeedlesS$17.25
White Happy TeaS$79.75
Heart of Gold TeaS$35.50
Sacred Water TeaS$12.75
Heart of Happiness TeaS$35.50
White Gold TeaS$73.75
White Secret TeaS$91.75
White Knight TeaS$16.75
Refreshmint TeaS$35.50
White Immortal TeaS$91.75
White French TeaS$76.75
White Miracle TeaS$91.75
White Desire TeaS$88.75
Eau Blanche TeaS$23.50
White Mist TeaS$91.75
Snow Mountain TeaS$21.75
Safari TeaS$16.25
White Palace TeaS$91.75
White Fortune TeaS$91.75
Tea 380S$15.75
Water Flower TeaS$21.75
White Passion TeaS$91.75
Sweet Jade TeaS$19.25
Temple of Mist TeaS$15.75
Regency TeaS$13.75

TWG High Tea (Yellow Teas)

Menu ItemsPrice
Yellow Tea BudsS$255.25
Yellow Gold Tea BudsS$582.00

TWG High Tea (Green Teas)

Menu ItemsPrice
Silver Moon TeaS$28.00
Jasmine Queen Tea (Teabags)S$28.00
1837 Green TeaS$28.00
Singapore Breakfast TeaS$28.00
Moroccan Mint TeaS$28.00
Silver Moon Tea (Packaged)S$45.00
1837 Green TeaS$10.75
Tea Taster CollectionS$56.00
Geisha Blossom Tea (50g)S$10.75
Geisha Blossom Tea (Teabags)S$28.00
Moroccan Mint Tea (50g)S$10.25
Singapore Breakfast Tea (50g)S$10.25
Geisha Blossom Tea (Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Singapore Breakfast Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Jasmine Queen Tea (50g)S$13.75
Emperor Sencha (Teabags)S$28.00
Paris-Singapore Tea  (Teabags)S$28.00
Moroccan Mint Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Sakura! Sakura! Tea (50g)S$9.75
Empire Tea SelectionS$56.00
Earl Grey Buddha (Teabags)S$28.00
World Voyage New Year’s Tea SetS$145.00
Sweet France Tea (Teabags)S$28.00
Alexandria Tea (Teabags)S$28.00
Genmaicha (Teabags)S$28.00 
Golden Monkey Jasmine(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Jade Dragon Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Alexandria Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Jasmine Pearls Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$24.75
My Cup of Magic Music Box Tea SetS$80.00
Weekend Tea Set (Box of 2)S$60.00
Sencha Nouveau 2022(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Lucky Star Tea SetS$75.00
Sweet France Tea (50g)S$12.00
Follow Me TeaS$28.00
Grand Explorer Tea SetS$75.00
My Cup of Fortune Music Box Tea SetS$80.00
Alexandria Tea (50g)S$10.75
Destiny Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Place Vendôme Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Literary Tea (Teabags)S$21.25
Afternoon Tea SetS$72.00
Aurora Tea SetS$95.00
Gnawa Tea (50g)S$10.25
Blue Lotus Tea (50g)S$9.00
Imperial GyokuroS$1,211.00
Moroccan Sahara Tea(Packaged Loose Leafs)S$45.00
Earl Grey Buddha (50g)S$12.00
Lung Ching (Teabags)S$28.00
Jasmine Monkey King (50g)S$9.00
Polo Club Tea (Teabags)S$28.00
Crème Brûlée TeaS$11.25
Chic Tea SetS$75.00
Paris-Singapore Tea (50g)S$9.00
Breakfast Yuzu Tea (50g)S$14.25
Royal Moroccan Tea (50g)S$10.25
Gyokuro SamuraiS$85.75
Weekend Tea Set (Box of 5)S$150.00
Sweetheart Tea SetS$84.00
Morning Tea SetS$72.00
Talisman Tea SetS$84.00
Grand Jasmine Tea (Teabags)S$22.25
Emperor Sencha (Teabags)S$22.25
Cocktail Hour Tea (50g)S$10.25
Sencha (Japan)S$18.25
Jade Dragon TeaS$55.50
Grand Lung ChingS$120.00
Grand SenchaS$200.00
Festive Night Tea (50g)S$10.25
Pink Flamingo TeaS$10.25
Gyokuro HisuiS$779.00
Bodhi Dharma Tea (Teabags)S$29.00
Dragon Gate TeaS$15.25
Emperor’s White Garden TeaS$21.75
Weekend in Venice Tea (50g)S$9.00
Follow Me Tea (50g)S$10.75
Tokyo-Singapore Tea (50g)S$9.75
Weekend Tea Set (Box of 3)S$90.00
Happy Hour TeaS$18.75
Weekend in Shanghai TeaS$11.25
Blue Pavilion Tea (50g)S$10.25
Genmaicha (Teabags)S$23.50
Charlemagne TeaS$18.25
Chic TeaS$12.00
Crystal Water TeaS$21.75
Côte d’Azur TeaS$16.75
Love Me TeaS$10.25
Weekend in Dubai TeaS$9.00
Matcha NaraS$52.40
Secret of Vietnam TeaS$19.75
Number 10 TeaS$15.25
Sencha MeichaS$32.00
Lover’s TeaS$10.25
Lavender Valley TeaS$11.25
Sencha (China)S$9.00
Lucky TeaS$30.75
Green Beauty TeaS$10.25
Pink Garden TeaS$12.75
Weekend in Casablanca TeaS$9.00
Golden Lung ChingS$55.00
King’s TeaS$55.00
Weekend in Hong Kong TeaS$9.75
Crimson Hill TeaS$10.25
Gunpowder SupremeS$9.00
Sultan’s TeaS$25.75
Weekend in Moscow TeaS$10.25
White Silk TeaS$14.25
Weekend in Istanbul TeaS$9.00
Caravan TeaS$9.75
Jade Cascade TeaS$16.75
Sweet Innocence TeaS$15.75
Desert Mirage TeaS$10.25
Jasmine Night TeaS$28.25
Green of Fujian TeaS$47.50
Green of Vietnam TeaS$9.00
Sacred Water TeaS$12.75
Number 13 TeaS$18.75
Jasmine Imperial TeaS$23.50
Golden Monkey JasmineS$23.50
Ali Baba TeaS$45.00

TWG High Tea Best Seller Menu

TWG High Tea has been serving up tea, scones, and other treats for over 25 years. Their bestseller menu items include:

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TWG High Tea Sencha Nouveau 2022

Best TWG High Tea Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Sencha Nouveau 2022 is an exceptional Japanese green tea. It’s made from freshly-picked tea leaves that yield a brilliant fluorescent green cup, with a sweet, grassy, umami flavor and a velvety aftertaste. The Sencha Nouveau 2022 is best enjoyed with a splash of milk or cream to balance the sweetness of the tea with its grassy notes.This tea is a highly-refined, high-quality green tea with a unique flavor. 

This tea has been handpicked by their expert tea pickers to ensure the highest quality of freshness and taste. It’s brewed by bringing hot water to just below boiling point (100 degrees Celsius) and pouring it over the tea leaves in an infuser basket. This allows you to enjoy the full range of flavors that are present in this exceptional Japanese green tea!

If you’re looking for an easy way to get your daily dose of antioxidants, this tea is ideal. It’s also great for any time of day—you can enjoy it in the morning with breakfast or as an afternoon pick-me-up when you need some energy to get through the rest of your workday!

TWG High Tea Earl Grey Buddha

Most Recommended TWG High Tea Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

I’m a huge fan of Earl Grey tea, and this blend is pretty close to the real deal. It’s not as strong, but it has all the same lovely notes. The bergamot is definitely there, but it’s not overwhelming—just enough to keep you coming back for more!

The Earl Grey Buddha Tea is a rebirth of ancestral fragrances. It was inspired by the legendary Earl Grey blend and is composed of exquisite green teas and rare bergamot from remote lands. In this tea, you will find a deep, earthy flavor that is balanced by a citrusy tang from the bergamot. The flavor is bold but not overpowering, making it perfect for anyone who enjoys earthy teas with a little bit of sweet citrus in them.

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The scent of this tea is just divine. It smells like a tropical paradise, with hints of citrus and bergamot. The taste is even more delicious than the smell, with mild notes of citrus and bergamot, and a smooth finish. A must-try for Earl Grey fans!

TWG High Tea Sakura! Sakura! Tea

Most Popular TWG High Tea Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Sakura! Sakura! Tea from TWG Tea is a fragrant blend of green tea and cherry blossoms. This tea evokes the most celebrated season in Kyoto, Japan, and is sure to delight your senses.

This tea has a very aromatic scent that will remind you of spring at first whiff. The flavor is also just as fragrant as the scent—you’ll be able to taste the delicate sweetness of the cherry blossoms alongside the complex flavors of green tea.

Sakura! Sakura! Tea from TWG Tea is perfect for those who love their teas sweet, but not too sweet. You can drink this tea hot or cold (though we recommend drinking it hot for maximum flavor), so this would make a great afternoon pick-me-up or bedtime treat.

TWG High Tea Moroccan Mint Tea

Top TWG High Tea Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Moroccan Mint Tea is a classic. It’s a tea that has been around for decades, and it’s still popular today.It’s not just because of its timeless flavor and aroma—it’s also because of how it makes you feel.

This tea is perfect for those who like to relax with something calming and soothing in their cup after a long day. The minty flavor will soothe your palate, while the crisp green tea leaves will relax you from head to toe.

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It’s a simple brew that doesn’t require any fancy equipment or ingredients—just boil water (or heat up some if you’re in a hurry), add some ice cubes for extra refreshment, then steep your tea bag for about 5 minutes before straining out the leaves and topping off with boiling water again.

This is the kind of tea you can drink all day long and not get tired of it. It’s like a breath of fresh air, with a minty flavor that’s strong but not overpowering. The green tea base is smooth, with just the right amount of caffeine to keep you going all day long.

The TWG Tea Moroccan Mint Tea is perfect for hot summer days when you want something refreshing but don’t want to lose your edge—this tea will keep you cool and focused without losing any of its green-tea benefits.

Visiting TWG High Tea Singapore

TWG High Tea Outlets in Singapore

TWG Tea at Republic Plaza

Republic Plaza, 9 Raffles Place, #01-09/10, Singapore 048619

Tel: +65 6226 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Friday, 10am to 8pm

TWG Tea at Swissôtel The Stamford

2 Stamford Road, Singapore 178882

Tel: +65 6538 1837 

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 10pm

TWG Tea on the Bay at Marina Bay Sands

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 2 Bayfront Avenue, 

B1-122/125, Singapore 018972

Tel: +65 6535 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 9:30pm

TWG Tea Garden at Marina Bay Sands

The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 

2 Bayfront Avenue, B2-65/68A, Singapore 018972

Tel: +65 6565 1837

Opening Hours: Sunday – Thursday, 10am to 9:30pm

      Friday – Saturday & eve of PH, 10am to 10:30pm

TWG Tea at Takashimaya B2

Takashimaya Singapore, 391 Orchard Road, 

B2, Singapore 238873

Tel: +65 6842 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 9:30pm

TWG Tea at Takashimaya L2

Takashimaya Singapore, 391 Orchard Road,

Level 2, Singapore 238873

Tel: +65 6363 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 9pm

TWG Tea at ION Orchard

ION Orchard, 2 Orchard Turn, #02-21, Singapore 238801

Tel: +65 6735 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 10am to 9:30pm

TWG Tea at Changi T1

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1, 

Departure/Transit Lounge West, #02-14, Singapore 819642

Tel: +65 6542 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 6am to 1am

TWG Tea at Changi T3

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, 

Departure/Transit Lounge South, #02-26, Singapore 819663

Tel: +65 6245 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 6am to 1am

TWG Tea at Changi T3 Kiosk

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3, 

Departure/Transit Lounge North, #02-K12, Singapore 819663

Tel: +65 6545 1837

Opening Hours: Monday – Sunday, 6am to 1am

Contact with TWG High Tea 

If you’re looking for the best tea and high tea in Singapore, you can’t go wrong with TWG High Tea. They have the best teas and the most amazing menu. With so many options to choose from, you’ll want to go back again and again!

If you want to get their latest update early, then follow them on their social media platforms given below:

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