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Best Affordable Romantic Restaurants With A View in Singapore 2023

Date night becomes more romantic because of a beautiful and astonishing view. This spices up a couple date and makes the night more memorable.

And as a partner, you only want the best for your loved one so you strive to make every date night the best one yet.

Luckily, there are tons of romantic restaurants in Singapore that offer a picture perfect view. Regardless of your age, you’ll surely enjoy the night because of this.

So whether it’s an anniversary date or a first ever date with your partner, go for the greatest restaurant you can visit.

Don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered. We’ve laid down some of the best romantic restaurants in Singapore that offer both good food and great views.

Visiting the romantic restaurants with a view in Singapore

Are you thinking about where to bring your partner for your next date? Worry no more! This article gives you tons of restaurant options you can visit anytime.

You’ll no longer run out of ideas! Plus, these restaurants satisfy their customers through their astonishing views especially at night.

Make your every date memorable and romantic at the same time because your partner deserves only the best. So, do you have something in mind yet?

We hope we helped you figure out which one you should go to first! This is surely the ultimate guide to impressing your date with your dinner date venue choice.

Top 10 Romantic Restaurants with a view in Singapore 2023

Looking for a great way to impress your date? Or maybe celebrating your anniversary of being together?

Either way, we have tons of restaurant suggestions for you. And as the old saying goes, the best way to a man’s (or women’s) heart is through their stomach.

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So give them something they can enjoy eating while satisfying them with a beautiful and picturesque view.

Here are some of the best romantic restaurants with a great view in Singapore.

Dusk Restaurant And Bar

top romantic restaurant singapore 2022
Image Source: @chinatsucandy

First in our list is the Dusk Restaurant And Bar. This elegant restaurant is located 100 meters above sea level with a next level al fresco dining set up.

This is perfect for couples who love sightseeing the natural wonders of the sky especially during sunset. Watch the blue sky slightly switching to pink one while enjoying their specialty food.

This al fresco restaurant is at the tip of Mouth Faber and offers sensational and world class dishes you’ll surely love. And who knows?

Dusk Restaurant And Bar might be your go-to resto when planning a date with your partner! Because after all, it’s the night sky you want to see when ending your day.

top romantic restaurant singapore
Image Source: @kwleong
  • Website:
  • Address: Faber Peak Singapore, Level 2, 109 Mount Faber Road, Singapore 099203
  • Contact: +65 6361 0088
  • Operating Hours: Friday and Saturday: 4PM to 2AM / Monday to Thursday and Sunday: 4PM to 11PM

Firangi Superstar

romantic restaurant singapore 2022
Image Source: @superfirangi

Are you looking for a classic and rustic interior design for your next date with your partner? Then you might want to visit Firangi Superstar in Singapore.

This high class restaurant gives you a cinematic ambience with an Indian culture touch you’ll surely love. The combination of its decor and furnishing makes it feel like you’re visiting India personally.

Firangi Superstar offers a set of food that features a wide range of spices. You’ll definitely enjoy their mouth watering dishes and beverages! And if you’re aiming to make your lover say yes, then this is the perfect way to do it!

romantic restaurant singapore
Image Source: @superfirangi
  • Website:
  • Address: #01-02, 20 Craig Road, Singapore 089692
  • Contact: +65 63043022
  • Operating Hours: Mon to Fri: 12PM to 3PM, 5:30PM to 12AM / Sat: 5:30PM to 12AM

Restaurant Gaig

best romantic restaurant in singapore
Image Source: @gaigsingapore

When aiming to eat in a restaurant managed by a famous chef, Restaurant Gaig can be one of your options.

This restaurant is led by Chef Carles Gaig, who is known for crafting delicious and mouth watering dishes in Singapore that brings culture and innovation together.

Cannelloni is one of their best sellers and signature dishes. If it’s your first time visiting Restaurant Gaig, you should definitely try this one. A perfect way to impress your partner straight right through his or her stomach!

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best romantic restaurant in singapore 2022
Image Source: @gaigsingapore
  • Website
  • Address: 16 Stanley Street, Singapore 068735
  • Contact: +65 6221 2134

The Clifford Pier

singapore top romantic restaurant
Image Source: @ohmori4458

Are you both a tea lover? Then have a tea while satisfying yourselves with a great and beautiful view! The Clifford Pier is a restaurant located by the bay with a luxurious waterfront view where you and your partner can definitely relax.

The Clifford Pier’s interior gives you a cozy ambience. Choose where you prefer to sit! They have plush loveseats, classic and luxurious ratan armchairs, and rustic tables and chairs available if you prefer al fresco dining.

This is a perfect spot before sunset so you can watch the beautiful sun as it rests. Definitely a postcard-perfect view you’ll surely love to watch.

singapore top romantic restaurant 2022
Image Source: @sippin_n_munchin
  • Website
  • Address: 80 Collyer Quay Lobby Level The Fullerton Bay Hotel Singapore (049326)
  • Contact: +65 6877 8911

Corner House

singapore romantic restaurant
Image Source: @cornerhousesg

Looking for a vintage-themed restaurant for your next date? Then Corner House is the best spot for you and your partner.

This restaurant will surely take you back in time because this is one of the most timeless restaurants you can find in Singapore. Its interior and exterior design is like a hidden paradise in Botanic Gardens.

If you’re that type of couple who loves serenity, this is perfect for you. This restaurant offers world class dishes made with a wide range of savory flavors.

Corner House is really a must-try especially if you and your partner love exploring new tastes. This will literally spice up your dinner date!

singapore romantic restaurant 2022
Image Source: @cornerhousesg
  • Website
  • Address: 1 Cluny Road Singapore Botanic Gardens EJH Corner House (Nassim Gate Entrance) Singapore (259569)
  • Contact: +65 6469 1000

Fat Prince

popular romantic restaurant in singapore
Image Source: @fatprincesg

Are you a fan of Middle Eastern cuisine? The Fat Prince is a must visit restaurant in Singapore, whether you’re a local or a tourist!

Its interior showcases a rustic and classic design that highlights the tradition and culture of Middle Eastern countries. It’s like taking your partner on a world class date!

If you’re looking for a royalty vibe as you dine in, Fat Prince is a perfect spot for you and your partner. It’s like living like a queen and king for a night.

Their authentic mezze platters and kebabs are just some of their signature dishes most customers keep coming back for.

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popular romantic restaurant in singapore 2022
Image Source: @fatprincesg
  • Website
  • Address: 48 Peck Seah Street, Singapore 079317
  • Contact: +65 6221 7794

Buona Terra

singapore popular romantic restaurants 2022
Image Source: @buonaterrasg

Oh for the love for Italian dishes! Buona Terra gives you a satisfying intimate date experience with your partner.

Have a taste of a wide range of innovative dishes made from fresh and delightful ingredients that are sourced directly from around the globe. It’s like going on a trip without leaving your dining seat!

To make the night more romantic, you’ll also be served with a glass of wine. A perfect toast for couples especially if you’re celebrating one’s birthday or your anniversary of being together!

This Italian experience will surely be engraved in your memories.

singapore popular romantic restaurants
Image Source: @buonaterrasg
  • Website
  • Address: 29 Scotts Road, Singapore 228224
  • Contact: (+65) 9456 3147

Mott 32

singapore romantic restaurant to visit
Image Source: @mott32sg

Are you and your partner fond of Chinese cuisine? We’ve got you covered! Mott 32 serves their customers with a wide variety of delightful Chinese dishes paired with different cocktails you’ll surely love.

This award winning restaurant has served different generations and continues to serve both their new and long time customers. And because they’re a Chinese restaurant, expecta Chinese vibes as you enter their premises.

Literally a picturesque view you can post in your social media! Plus, enjoy the look of the dishes as they are served in Chinese bowls.

singapore romantic restaurant to visit 2022
Image Source: @mott32sg
  • Website
  • Address: #B1-41/42, The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, 10 Bayfront Avenue, Singapore 018956
  • Contact: +65 6688 8888

Lumo Restaurant Bar

what is the best romantic restaurant in singapore 2022
Image Source: @lumosg

Here’s another restaurant that gives off a European vibe but this time, a modern one. Lumo Restaurant Bar offers its customers cocktails, wine and modern European cuisine.

Perfect for couples who love European foods. It’s like visiting different countries just by tasting lumo Restaurant Bar’s signature dishes.

Go anytime of the year in this restaurant with your partner. But the best dates happen every night so you might want to book your dining experience around this time.

With a luxurious European interior design, you’ll definitely achieve the ideal romantic date you’ve been planning.

what is the best romantic restaurant in singapore
Image Source: @lumosg
  • Website
  • Address: #01-00, 50 South Bridge Road, Singapore 058682
  • Contact: +65 8921 3818

Olivia Restaurant And Lounge

singapore best romantic restaurant to visit
Image Source: @oliviarestaurant_sg

Here’s another restaurant that will surely indulge your taste buds with something new and unique. Olivia Restaurant And Lounge offers Catalonian cuisine you’ll definitely love.

If you’re looking for something new to try, then this is the perfect opportunity to do so! Your partner will definitely be impressed because of their wide variety of savory dishes.

But aside from the foods they serve, Olivia Restaurant And Lounge is also famous for its Mediterranean interior touch. And don’t forget to try one of their specialty dishes!

Their homemade cheesecake with cream, blue cheese and almond sable. Definitely a complete meal in one astonishing restaurant!

Dine in with your partner and enjoy the Mediterranean ambience throughout the night.

singapore best romantic restaurant to visit 2022
Image Source: @oliviarestaurant_sg
  • Website
  • Address: #01-03, 55 Keong Saik Road, Singapore 089158
  • Contact: +65 6221 0522

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