Jon Ng

Covid19 forces me to stay home and order food from various food apps. It became so boring while eating the same thing over and over! Now, it is my revenge time! I am to head out to various eateries in Singapore - restaurants, cafes, bubble teas, hawker food stores... At Cafe Hopping, I blog about the menus of places to eat and drink in Singapore.

Jon Ng

Saizeriya Menu Singapore 2022

Saizeriya is a Japanese chain of family restaurants that serve high quality dining to their customers at reasonable prices. Their Italian food menu consists of genuine classics such as Carbonara and Bolognese, hand-stretched crust pizzas, Pastas and other delicious dishes from sunny Italy. Here is the list of Saizeriya Menu Singapore with prices: Saizeriya Salad …

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PastaMania Menu Singapore 2022

PastaMania is a largest Italian Informal dining chain in Singapore that serves their customers varieties of Pasta. In PastaMania Menu Singapore you can taste their pastas easily for dine-in from their more than 20 Singapore stores. Here is the list of PastaMania Singapore Menu items with prices: PastaMania Popular Menu Menu Price Cheddar Cheese Sticks …

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Odette Menu Singapore 2022

Odette is a Singapore restaurant that was founded in 2015, by a French Chef. They offer a mixture of French  cuisine with Asian Influences. They serve various delicious dishes to their customers. Here is the list of Odette Singapore Restaurant menu with prices: Formages & Desserts Menu Price Fromages affinos de chez Martine Dubois € …

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Akashi Singapore Menu 2022

Akashi is a Japanese restaurant chain, the chain offers unique foodie dining concepts that provide a clearly distinct experience from other top Japanese restaurants. Here you can find out their updated Akashi Singapore Menu with price: Chinmi Appetizer Menu Price Morokyu S$ 6.60 Edamame S$ 2.20 Shirauo Tempura S$ 11 Dashimaki Tamago S$ 5.50 Kawa …

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Paradise Dynasty Singapore Menu 2022

Paradise Dynasty Singapore Menu is a Singapore restaurant which serve verities of Chinese food. We are here to provide list of all Paradise Dynasty menu items with price. Popular Menu Items price Bento Set B 菠萝古老肉饭 SGD 14.11 Pan-fried Shanghai Pork Bun (3pc) 上海生煎包(三粒) SGD 6.61 Pan-fried Pork Dumpling (3pc) 无锡鲜肉锅贴(三粒) SGD 6.39 Pork Dumpling …

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