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Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore 2022

Kenny Rogers’ menu in Singapore is really something. It’s a great place to go if you want to enjoy some delicious American cuisine but don’t want to break the bank.

The prices are really affordable and the portions are generous. They also have a wide selection of dishes, so there are options for everyone in your party. If you’re looking for a good deal and some delicious American food, Kenny Rogers’ menu in Singapore is definitely worth checking out!

Kenny Rogers Menu Price List Singapore 

Kenny Rogers Roaster Singapore Menu with price in 2022 was found 30 years ago, but now it has 150 branches world wide in more than 9 countries including Singapore. It is famous because of their specially chicken dishes, it is a home name for comfort western food.

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Kenny Roger Roaster menu Singapore

Here is kenny Rogers Menu Singapore price list:

Kenny Rogers Popular

Menu ItemsPrice
Kenny’s Quarter MealSGD 22.00
Kenny’s Grilled Chicken Chop MealSGD 20.90
Kenny’s Chicken & Pasta MealSGD 23.00
Macaroni & CheeseSGD 4.80
Kenny’s Half MealSGD 29.00
Kenny’s Family Meal (3-4 Pax)SGD 64.00

Kenny Rogers Meals

Menu ItemsPrice
Kenny’s Quarter MealSGD 22.00
Kenny’s Half MealSGD 29.00
Kenny’s Chicken & Pasta MealSGD 23.00
Kenny’s Salmon FilletSGD 27.00
Kenny’s Family Meal (3-4 Pax)SGD 64.00
Kenny’s Grilled Chicken Chop MealSGD 20.90
Kenny’s Grilled Chicken Chop & Pasta MealSGD 23.00
Kenny’s Fish & Chips MealSGD 21.90

Kenny Rogers Fresh Hitz Sides

Menu ItemsPrice
ColeslawSGD 4.80
Garden Pasta SaladSGD 4.80
Potato SaladSGD 4.80
Fresh Fruit SaladSGD 4.80

Kenny Rogers Hot Hitz Sides

Menu ItemsPrice
Aromatic RiceSGD 4.80
Mashed PotatoSGD 4.80
Sauteed VegetablesSGD 4.80
Corn on the CobSGD 4.80
Onion RingsSGD 4.80
French FriesSGD 4.80
Macaroni & CheeseSGD 4.80

Kenny Rogers Pasta Please

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken BologneseSGD 16.00
Beef BologneseSGD 16.00
Chicken Carbonara PastaSGD 16.00
Chicken Aglio OlioSGD 16.00
Mushroom Aglio Olio (Vegetarian)SGD 16.00
Spicy Tomato Cream Pasta (Beef)SGD 16.00

Kenny Rogers Nasi Lemak

Menu ItemsPrice
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (1/4 Rotisserie Chicken)SGD 19.00
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (OMG 2pcs)SGD 20.00
Kenny’s Nasi Lemak (OMG Chicken 1pc)SGD 14.80

Kenny Rogers Salad

Menu ItemPrice
Chicken Caesar SaladSGD 11.80

Kenny Rogers A La Carte

Menu ItemsPrice
Rotisserie Whole ChickenSGD 46.90
OMG Chicken (1 Piece)SGD 7.20
Rotisserie Chicken (Quarter)SGD 13.90

Kenny Rogers Hearty Snacks

Menu ItemsPrice
Chicken Nuggets (10 Pcs)SGD 8.60
Snacks In A PlatterSGD 13.20

Kenny Rogers Sambalicious Set

Menu ItemsPrice
Kenny’s Sambalicious Quarter Meal SetSGD 22.80
Kenny’s Sambalicious Half Meal SetSGD 30.80
Kenny’s Sambalicous Chicken Chop Meal SetSGD 24.80
Kenny’s Sambalicious OMG Chicken (2pcs) Meal SetSGD 23.80
Kenny’s Sambalicious OMG Chicken (3pcs) Meal SetSGD 28.80
Kenny’s Rotisserie Sambalicious Nasi LemakSGD 18.80
Kenny’s Sambalicious OMG Nasi Lemak (1pc) SetSGD 17.80
Kenny’s Samablicious OMG Nasi Lemak (2pcs) SetSGD 28.80
Kenny’s Samablicious OMG Nasi Lemak (2pcs) SetSGD 17.80
Kenny’s Sambalicious Chicken Pasta SetSGD 16.80

Kenny Rogers Sambalicious Bundle

Menu ItemPrice
Kenny’s Sambalicious Buddy MealSGD 36.80

Kenny Rogers Lava Muffin

Menu ItemsPrice
1pc Lava MuffinSGD 3.00
1/2 Dozen Lava MuffinSGD 18.00
1 Dozen Lava MuffinSGD 36.00

Kenny Rogers Bundle Specials

Menu ItemsPrice
Hearty Bundle (Serves 3-4 Pax)SGD 76.00
Jumbo Platter (Serves 6-8 Pax)SGD 152.00

Kenny Rogers Iced Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Dilmah Lemon & Lime Black TeaSGD 3.50
Dilmah White Peach Black TeaSGD 3.50
Dilmah Royal English Black TeaSGD 3.50
Dilmah French Rose & Vanilla Green TeaSGD 3.50
Dilmah Lady Lavender Green TeaSGD 3.50
Dilmah Arabian Jasmine Green TeaSGD 3.50
Coke (Canned)SGD 3.00
Coke No SugarSGD 3.00
Sprite (Canned)SGD 3.00
Orange Juice (Minute Maid)SGD 4.00
Dasani Mineral WaterSGD 3.00

Kenny Rogers Hot Beverages

Menu ItemsPrice
Green TeaSGD 4.30
Chamomile TeaSGD 4.30
Earl Grey TeaSGD 4.30
ChocolateSGD 5.00
EspressoSGD 4.30
AmericanoSGD 4.30
LatteSGD 4.30
CappuccinoSGD 4.30
MochaSGD 4.30
Flat WhiteSGD 4.30

Kenny Rogers Outrageous Mouthwatering Guiltless (OMG)

Menu ItemsPrice
2pc OMG Chicken MealSGD 23.00

Kenny Rogers Muffin

Menu ItemsPrice
Corn MuffinSGD 4.00

Kenny Rogers Soup

Menu ItemsPrice
Cream of MushroomSGD 4.80

Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore Updated 2022

Kenny Roger Roaster has not become a brand all over the world just because of the same menu throughout their career, they periodically update their menu to compete with their competitor. 

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They bring new food items on their menu to bring back their customers.

Here are some photos of their updated menu:

Ramadan Offer

Kenny Roger Roaster Singapore wished all Muslims Singaporeans friends and their families Ramadan Kareem.

Kenny Roger Roaster Ramadan Kareem

They bring new offerings, Ramadan Offer, in their menu which include many delicious dishes like.

Here is the Kenny Roger Roaster Singapore Ramadan Offer menu:

Ramadan Offer

Menu ItemsPrice
Kenny’s Quarter Ayam Merah MealSGD 23.90
Kenny’s Ayam Merah 1/2 Chicken MealSGD 30.50
Ramadan Quarter mealSGD 23.90
Ayam Merah Family MealSGD 68.00
Ramadan Half MealSGD 30.50
1 Doz Ondeh Ondeh MuffinsSGD 30.00

Ramadan Family meal contains Rotisserie-roasted chicken with Ayam Merah Sauce, 3 sides, 4 Ondeh Ondeh Muffins, 4 drinks.

The Ramadan Quarter meals consist of Rotisserie-roasted quarter chicken with Ayam Merah Sauce, 2 sides, 1 Ondeh Ondeh Muffins, 1 drink

Ramadan Half Meals consist of Rotisserie-roasted half chicken with Ayam Merah Sauce, 2 sides, 1 Ondeh Ondeh Muffins, 1 drink

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Is Kenny Rogers Halal in Singapore?

A lot of Singaporeans have a question weather Kenny Rogers Halal in Singapore or not. Yes, in Singapore Kenny Rogers is Halal certified.

Kenny Rogers Best Seller

The menu in Kenny Rogers  has over 100 items on it. The restaurant is a local chain in Singapore that specializes in serving American-style food.It’s a family-friendly place where you can enjoy good food, great service, and fun times with your loved ones.

The menu has a huge variety of dishes that are sure to please every taste bud in your party. To help you choose the best dish in Kenny Rogers, we created this list.

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Kenny Rogers Grilled Chicken Chop Meal

Best Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Flamed Grilled Chicken Chop Meal is a great option for a delicious and healthy meal. The grilled chicken has a beautiful, golden-brown color that just makes you want to take a bite. The chicken is juicy and flavorful, with just enough spice to give it some heat without being too spicy. 

it’s served with two sides of your choice. I recommend choosing something healthy—like steamed broccoli or a side salad—and something indulgent, like macaroni and cheese (or both!).

Best Seller Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The corn muffin is soft and sweet, and it goes well with the other items on the plate. You’ll also get a mushroom soup—I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this! It’s rich in flavor, but not so filling that it slows down your appetite for more food. And finally, you’ll get an ice-cold soft drink to wash everything down!

Kenny Rogers Chicken & Pasta Meal

Famous Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

Kenny Rogers Chicken & Pasta Meal is a great option for anyone who wants to enjoy a meal that’s both filling and affordable. 

The meal comes with 1 pasta, 1 side , 1 mushroom soup, 1 chicken ¼, 1 corn muffin and a soft drink. The pasta is nice and firm, not mushy like some other places’ pastas can be. The chicken breast is tender and juicy—it’s definitely good quality meat! And even their corn muffins are delicious.

Most Recommended Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The mushroom soup has a little kick to it that I really love—it’s definitely not your average canned soup. It makes this dish really stand out as something special—you can tell they put a lot of effort into making sure every part of it tastes great!

Overall this meal has everything you could want: great taste and affordability! If you’re looking for something tasty on the cheap that won’t break the bank then this is definitely what you need in your life right now.

Kenny Rogers Macaroni & Cheese

Top Kenny Rogers Menu Singapore
Image Credit: @Instagram

The Kenny Rogers Macaroni & Cheese is my favorite. It’s not just macaroni and cheese, it’s the best macaroni and cheese I’ve ever had. The noodles are nice and thick, like a good noodle should be, and the sauce is creamy without being too heavy.

I love that it comes in a bowl so you can eat it as fast as possible without having to use a fork or anything—just grab a handful of noodles and let them all go down at once. It’s perfect for when you’re eating alone or have no time to waste!

Kenny Rogers Tampines Outlet Singapore

On 05 Nov 2020, Kenny Rogers announced that their Tampines outlet is Halal certified. Now Muslims can enjoy rotisserie chicken, and many other items on their outlet located at Tampines Square Mall.

Kenny Rogers Singapore Menu

Kenny Roger Roaster Delivery locations

Here is the Kenny Roger Roaster Singapore Outlet :

50 Jurong Gateway Rd, #B1-37/38 JEM, Singapore 608549

Opening Hours

Thursday 11am–9pm
Friday 11am–9:30pm
Saturday 11am–9:30pm
Sunday 11am–9:30pm
Monday 11am–9pm
Tuesday 11am–9pm
Wednesday 11am–9:30pm

Phone: 6694 5073

Contact Kenny Roger Roaster Singapore

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